Episode 6

Episode 6 – Time to Scale  

Everyone was excited, sounds of joy, laughter and celebration in the atmosphere. It had been three months! Three months of rigorous business training with seasoned business experts covering topics like business plan, marketing strategy, business model, finance, team building etc.

Though exhausting it was indeed a very fruitful experience, as Tola had learnt a lot from it. He actually admitted that the training helped him to realize that he was not running a business but charity.  He now saw that what he used to call profit was actually all still part of his cost for running the business. He was good with sales but book keeping was not a strength for him.

He was glad that the first stage of this grant process was over, he had his business plan ready and some people from the organization offering the grant had paid him a visit and with their guidance, he had a detailed budget for the equipment needed to scale the business.

Tola was really optimistic about the future, things were beginning to look up, he could now afford to hire two people to join him as employees of the business though that came with a new challenge; monthly salaries which he believed with the right amount of sales won’t be a problem.

He was still reminiscing about his good fortune when he received a call from Musa his supplier, as he picked the call he quickly observed Musa wasn’t his cheery and bubbly self, he was much calmer. “Musa, how far?” he said, “oga this dollar wey dem increase don affect everything o!” was the reply from Musa. He went ahead to explain in detail the implication of the rise in dollar on the goods and equipment Tola was trying to purchase for his business. This rise in cost will definitely change everything.

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