Episode 5

Episode 5 – The Business Grant

Tola arrived at the venue twenty minutes before time, and it almost looked like he was late, because the hall was already full, and everyone was sited eagerly waiting for the event to start. He was eager as well eager to hear what they had to say. It was the orientation for all the winners of the young entrepreneurs grant and he was one of them.

The event started at the stipulated time and they were all intimated of the expectations for each winner of the grant. Several speakers came to address them but still no one was answering the major question on Tola’s mind; when will they receive the grant?

By the end of the event Tola had mixed feelings, this was his first experience with a business grant, he was thinking after this event he would probably gain access to the funds in two weeks or at most a month, but they were informed that they would have to go through a three-month training with experts after which their business will be assessed and then money can be appropriated in the areas where it was needed the most.

This whole process might take six months and Tola needed funds urgently, he had several financial needs on several fronts both for the business and for his personal life. He had to leave the house earlier than he needed to just to avoid meeting his Landlord and he will have to stay out late so he doesn’t get to meet him later in the day. Any money coming into his hands right now will need to go into settling his personal needs the business will have to wait for a bit.  

Hello! Came the sweet female voice that brought him back from ‘wonderland’ he was carried away with his own thoughts. Hi! He replied with a big smile. “My name is Fatima,” she said, “I am Tola nice to meet you”. They spoke for a while and exchange business cards then moved on to get to meet other people.  

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