Episode 3

Episode 3 – I Quit

“Wake up! Sleepy head” said Azuka, as he tapped Tola on his leg “you will be late for work!” he exclaimed!  “What is the time?” Tola asked wide eyed as he dashed to the bathroom picking up his brush and hurriedly brushing his teeth while checking if the shower was running.

Azuka staggered into the bathroom laughing uncontrollably, “it is Saturday silly there is no work today” he said as he sat on the floor of the bathroom.  Tola heaved a sigh of relief while giving Azuka an angry look for pranking him yet again. Azuka Chibuzor (popular known as AZ by his friends) was Tola’s funny, sanguine, life of a party, longtime friend who was also notorious amongst his friends for being a prankster. He had slept over Tola’s house after the hangout the previous day to celebrate Tola’s promotion at work.

After Azuka left that morning, Tola sat down for hours thinking, trying to figure out why he felt so unfulfilled, when he was doing so well at work and was successful at his career. He just got a promotion at work, he was happy about the promotion but deep down he felt like he was not meant to be there, he could not really explain why but he just felt unfulfilled. He wondered to himself if it was time to make the big move. But how will he sustain himself? Will his present savings be enough? What will people say? Tola spent the rest of his weekend thinking, planning and strategizing.

First thing Monday morning, he dropped a letter at his manager’s office. When Mr. Badmus arrived at work he sent for Tola. The moment he walked into the office the manager presented him with an avalanche of questions, what is happening? Are you trying to ruin your life? Do you want to just throw away a bright career like that? What is wrong with you? What is this letter you dropped on my table? He asked surprised. “I quit sir” replied Tola.

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