Episode 2

Episode 2 – closing the deal

Tola walked into the manager’s office, with a clenched fist, he was ready to give him a piece of his mind, finally, he was tired, he has had enough of this and was ready to quit or get fired. I will just go and face my business he thought to himself.

As he stepped in Mr. Badmus was busy on his laptop, “Are ready for the meeting this afternoon” he asked barely looking up from his work. The question was in a cool and calm voice, it sounded empathetic, almost as if he was genuinely concerned about Tola’s performance.

Tola hesitated for a few seconds before responding, he was surprised at the manager’s calmness. He didn’t believe that this man who was a raging bulldog just a few minutes ago could just metamorphose into a gentle dove.

“I am ready sir” he managed to reply. “Good” said the manager, “This deal is huge, sealing it will be good for your career” he continued going ahead to give Tola counsel on what to do during the meeting.

The meeting took less time than anticipated, this was because Tola was really prepared for it, he and his team had been preparing their proposal presentation for almost a month, they did thorough research on the client and the customers of the client. He even had marketing suggestions for the client, presenting several options on how the client can improve sales in their business, after a few questions which were adequately answered the deal was sealed.

Tola was excited! He had just sealed his biggest deal since he joined the company. “It is amazing how a day that started out so bad could end so well!” He said excitedly to one of his team members as they walked out of the meeting room.

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