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ALAYE – Adventures of a Lagos Aspiring Young Entrepreneur

Episode 1 – Big Business

The cheerful and calm atmosphere in the office was suddenly and rudely interrupted by the loud roaring voices of two angry men arguing, “Out of my Office!” was the last thing they all heard before the door swung open and a young man in his mid-twenties angrily walked out of the MD’s office and out of the building without uttering a word to anyone.

It was Tola and Mr. Badmus again, the two are always at each other’s throats. Technically Mr. Badmus Durodola who is secretly known by employees as ‘Badoo’ the managing director; is normally the instigator of these disagreements. He derives pleasure from undermining Tola, or so it seems to most of the staff at the office, who have all been at the receiving end of his dictatorial leadership and quick temper.

Adetola Hendrix is the head of Marketing at Fashionista Inc. Nigeria, a multinational Fashion Conglomerate. A brilliant marketing professional, who became the head of the department two years after joining the company.  He was seating in his car, playing his favorite neo-soul track, in an attempt to cool-off and clear his head. His team had a business appointment later in the day with a very promising client who was bringing ‘Big Business’ for the company, and he needed to be at the top of his game.

His main goal for joining this organization was to gain knowledge and skill in the fashion retail business so that when he starts his fashion label, he can infuse that experience into his own enterprise. But this MD has chosen to be a torn in his flesh, and he was strongly considering the possibility of moving up the timeline for his resignation.

Ko ko ko! Came a knock on his window, that startled him, he turned and saw Zainab, his colleague, waving with a smile from outside the car. He wands down and asked “what’s up?”, “Badoo dey call you” came her response.  To be continued…

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